Authentic Selling | The Book
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The Book

Boost your sales

Boost your sales performance by coaching your clients through an authentic, respectful and empathetic journey to success. Be proud of being a seller by taking your life in hand, knowing why you do what you do and taking care of yourself. Focus on the essentials of your life and your sales profession.

Authentic Selling is about the convergence of sales and coaching in an innovative way. It focuses mainly on the more sophisticated and subtle skillsets which are not only important for success in sales, but also life in general: the savoir-être or human and interpersonal skills which can inspire co- operation and confidence in others while simultaneously conferring the ability to understand and enjoy our own place amongst others.

What makes a successful seller? Enthusiasm? Determination? The right product? There is no single factor that translates into to sales success. A good salesperson understands the art of listening – the ‘magic of silence’ – this requires humility. A successful seller asks the right questions and knows how to get the client to share their thoughts – this requires empathy. Above all, a salesperson knows how to close, knows when negotiations are over and it’s time for a signature – this requires leadership.

Balanced, holistic and human, Guy Anastaze’s approach unfolds organically in Authentic Selling, illustrated and enhanced by his personal experiences making the book all the more enjoyable and serving to introduce the reader to a number of methods worth exploring for anyone in a commercial environment. Perfect for the sales community, Authentic Selling will also prove useful to all professionals interested in personal development.